Pubblicato da: juliette1804 | ottobre 18, 2006

Traduzione inglese del secondo e del terzo atto di “La Passione in un bacio”


Compromises in love would not have to be never accepted.  

To only accept of having one woman for the moment of a kiss,  

only for that moment that will carry days and nights of desires and suffering.



Do you task that I don’t have no courage?

That it cannot leave one morning  these rooms,

these places, in which I do not acknowledge more,

in order to come from you, in order to come to meet of new your eyes, your mouth?



I loved to you sincerely and I have made you to suffer..  

Hour we are only two shadows,  two shadows that cannot more change the past. 



I don’t wish to change the past.

If I am alive and not a shadow, like you, 

I would still embrace to you.

I would tighten me to you and I would kiss to you

before on the eyes and then on the mouth.



I would kiss you of new too.  

I would kiss your alive, deep, instinctive eyes, 

your eyes that I have not never known to forget.



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